Due to the current situation with COVID-19, our Social Support Group members are unable to attend their regular groups but that doesn’t mean that they miss out on feeling connected.

Our Social Support Group Team leaders arranged for our resident chef Mel to whip up a few batches of her famous cookies for our team to do a special “cookie run” straight into our participants letter boxes. The cookies included a special note

We miss your face
We miss your voice
We miss your smile
Enjoy these biscuits with a cuppa
Love SSG Staff healthAbility 

We’ve had some fantastic feedback

I hope you and your staff are well. A few telephone calls have been appreciated and make me realise that we are looked after and supported regardless. My daughter found a nice gift in the mail box this evening after her walk. Thank you so much. Baking biscuits and delivering them to every client is very sweet.

Thank you all SO much for lovely biscuits and note that you dropped into my Mum’s letter box yesterday. She was just starting on drinking a hot chocolate drink when we checked the letterbox and brought your lovely gift inside. The words on the note were lovely, and the smiley biscuit brought a smile to her face and was the first to be consumed, follow by the chocolate chip then Anzac biscuit.  Just wanted to let you know that they were thoroughly enjoyed and to say Thank You!
It was so very kind and thoughtful of you and brought a smile to her (& our) day.

I went down to Coles in Diamond Creek this morning and ran into Lisa , not physically! We were the required distance apart, then when l arrived home l discovered the biscuit fairy had flown past my letter box and made a deposit. Have to say it made me smile, we both feel cared for and spoilt . We are enjoying them as l write with a cup of tea .
Not sure who was responsible, Mel or many hands , but they have gone down a treat. Thank you one and all , and let’s hope we can break out in the not too distant future.