Dental sterilisation room upgraded at Box Hill

03 February 2022

A dental sterilisation room with benches, cupboards, disinfecting machines, sinks and a range of equipment.

During the recent summer holiday period, we completed an upgrade to our dental sterilisation room at Box Hill.

The upgrade was done to ensure the sterilisation room meets current Australian Standards (AS/NZS 4187:2014), which will enable us to continue providing high quality dental services for clients.

The dental sterilisation room is where all dental tools and instruments are cleaned and disinfected. It is essential for infection control and maintaining a healthy and safe environment for clients and staff.

Updates to the sterilisation room included the installation of a reverse osmosis water system, which is an upgrade from the filtered water system used previously. Doors and hatches have also been installed in various areas of the room to improve functionality, and benches have been re-positioned to improve workflow.

During the four-week project, the dental clinic was closed, so Box Hill dental staff were relocated to our Eltham site to assist with providing dental services. Emergency dental vouchers were also available to ensure Box Hill clients requiring urgent care could still access treatment.

The efforts of our team, including General Manager Clinical, Community and Oral Health Services Deb Miller, Facilities Manager Barry Phillips, and Oral Health and Reception Program Manager Angie Richardson, were key to the successful completion of this project.

“The sterilisation room plays such a vital role in how we deliver our dental services. This upgrade means that we can continue providing the highest quality of care and services for our clients, and it will create a more functional and efficient work environment for our dental team,” said Deb.

“I’d like to thank our staff for their help and hard work during this project, and our clients for their patience as we worked to make these important improvements.”

This upgrade was made possible by a grant from the Victorian Government’s Metropolitan Health Infrastructure Fund.

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