Ronda Jacobs CEO retiring to focus on family

19 February 2021


After over eight years as CEO Carrington Health, including the past two and a half years also as CEO healthAbility, Ronda Jacobs is ending her stellar career for family reasons. She is dedicating her time and boundless energy to the welfare of her family, just as she has done so successfully for people in community health.

Although not a secret and given Ronda’s enthusiasm and dedication to her work, it may be little known that she also cares for her husband with declining health concerns, ageing parents living remotely and elderly extended family members. Then there’s grandchildren who Ronda delights in watching grow and adult children to relish; the time has come to retire and be employed in life’s higher pursuits.

In keeping with Ronda’s exceptional leadership history, this decision is strategically timed with a retirement date set for 30 June 2021. This allows time for a thorough recruitment process to the Chief Executive Officer role.

John Rasa, Board Chair confirms, “Although Ronda’s skills and expertise will be greatly missed, I could not ask for the Organisation to be in a better position for the future, a testament to her time as CEO.”

Since the merger of Carrington Health and healthAbility and taking on the role of CEO of both, Ronda has led the Organisation to achieve a singular clear strategic direction, a sound financial position, implement service restructure and firmly establish effective Executive and Management teams. Fittingly and to cement her legacy, one of her last tasks is to see the Organisation transition to one name by mid-year 2021.

“I am very excited to announce that our new name will be healthAbility. As a marketing professional in my early career, I know that a strong brand and clear communication are essential for future growth and opportunity. A unified name will allow this and more,” Ronda explains.

Although her longstanding belief in the value of community health is enduring and her work has resulted in positive health outcomes for thousands in the broader community, the time is right for Ronda to focus on her community a little closer to home, her family.

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