Supporting young clients' mental health with a little help from Kelly and friends

11 May 2022

A black and white toy dog sitting on blue pillows.

Our Mental Health Social Worker Elke works with children, young people and their families as part of the Stepped Care Mental Health program at Box Hill.

To help her young clients feel safe and comfortable, Elke has added several cute, cuddly and tactile additions to her consulting room, including therapy toys, a sand tray and Kelly the toy dog.

Elke says these items can help children to feel and ease and express their feelings.

“I enjoy using play and items such as the sand tray to help children express their feelings in a way that they understand. Sitting on cushions on the floor helps me to connect with children and assist them to express strong feelings, and Kelly the toy dog and other therapy toys provide something for children to cuddle and play with, which can make it easier for them to talk about things.”

“As a Mental Health Social Worker, it’s important that I am able to tailor treatment and support to the unique needs of each of my clients. Having a range of therapy toys and other items available helps me to provide individualised care to every client.”

Visit our Mental Health page for more information about our mental health services and supports.

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