At some point in life, most of us experience some form of back pain. Our backs are important for so many of our bodies movements, any discomfort can be very limiting. It’s important to take care of our backs and its easy if you follow some simple steps.

1) Posture – sitting for long periods of time with hunched shoulders puts pressure and causes strain on our back muscles. Be aware of keeping your shoulders back and low to avoid unnecessary strain.
2) Stay Active – regular exercise will promote blood supply to your back muscles keeping them healthy and strong.
3) Stretch – stretching and doing back strengthen exercises will ensure that you muscles remain strong in supporting your core.
4) Avoid heavy lifting – Be conscious of lifting anything that is too heavy, this will put you at greater risk of getting a serious injury.

If you notice that you have reoccurring back pain that isn’t responding to home treatment, seek help from one of our qualified physiotherapists. To make an appointment simply call 9340 9100.