A new study by Better Health North East Melbourne has found that older people are less likely to access health and well-being services that are labeled with terms such as frail, geriatric or old because of the stigma associated with them. The use of these terms reduces the self-confidence of older people and discourages them from accessing the health care they need.

The survey revealed the importance of using the correct terminology when speaking to the older generation in order to communicate in a positive language that encourages older people to take an active role in their own health care.

The research conducted by the Health Issues Centre, found that older adults preferred to be defined as individuals rather than by their conditions or a label associated with age. If the labels are required people preferred the terms ‘elder’, ‘older adults’ or ‘senior’.
We frame all of our programs and services for seniors with positive language to actively engage clients in their health care planning and management. Everyone is welcome to access our services , we support people with disability, older people in our community, people with complex and chronic conditions, families and youth.

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