Children’s books that celebrate gender diversity and challenge rigid gender-stereotypes expand the horizons for all children.

Storybooks encourage families and children to imagine the possibilities, who they are, what they can be and what they can achieve as girls, boys, women, men and people from diverse genders.

On Tuesday we where joined by children from the Eltham Preschool and the community to launch our brand new library of books celebrating gender equity in our reception area. Bonnie (Speech Pathologist) read a book to the children and Claudia (Occupational Therapist) did some fun colouring activities. These books are now available for all families and children accessing our services and can be used in services and programs.

Below are some photos from the event


Want to know how to pick a book that promotes and celebrates gender equity?
We have compiled a list of books in conjunction with the Eltham Bookshop that celebrates diversity and gender equality in all characters and roles.



For more information please contact Sulo Colombage, Gender Equity Officer healthAbility 9890 2220 or email