Exercise Right Week – 25 to 31 May 2020.
This years theme is “Movement is Medicine“, which highlights how powerful exercise, physical activity and movement are for your physical and mental health.

Exercise is for everyone, regardless of your age, weight, background or health status, although knowing where to start can be daunting. It’s important to get the right advice for your individual needs, speak to one of our Accredited Exercise Physiologists who are specially qualified to prescribe exercise for those living with injuries, pain or chronic illness.

Being active throughout your life is the best way to maintain health, well-being and quality of life. It can help to:

Prevent & manage chronic conditions

   Stay socially connected

  Stay independent

 Maintain brain function & memory

Reduce risk of falls

Improve balance


What is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP)?

An AEP holds at least a four-year degree (most often Masters Degree) specialising in the exercise and movement for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and injuries. AEPs are different from other exercise professionals by the extensive knowledge, skills and experience in clinical exercise delivery and their ability to provide health modification counselling.

Find out more about how healthAbility’s Accredited Exercise Physiologists and how they can help you to improve your health and wellness though physical activity and healthy lifestyle behaviours through Exercise Physiology.

For more information on Exercise Right Week visit https://exerciseright.com.au/exercise-right-week-2020/