Our Occupational Therapists have put together some easy to read and follow recipes. This week we bring you yummy fruit salad.

Serves 2



1 OrangeChopping board and knife
2 Kiwi fruitLarge bowl
1 Punnet fresh strawberriesSpoon to serve
1 Punnet fresh blueberriesIce cream scoop
1 BananaColander
1 Can of pineappleStirring spoon
1 Scoop of vanilla ice cream (optional)

Shopping List

To Start

  1. Wash hands with soap and water
  2. Clear bench
  3. Gather all of the ingredients
  4. Gather all of the cooking equipment
  5. There is a lot of chopping in this recipe. Use safe knife techniques and ask for help if needed.


  1. Carefully cut the orange into segments and remove the pith. When removed, chop the orange segments into bite size pieces. Add to the large bowl
  2. Cut the ends off the kiwi fruit. Carefully slice away the kiwi skin. Chop the kiwi into cubes. Add to the large bowl
  3. Wash the strawberries, remove the green stalk and slice them in to pieces. Add to bowl
  4. Wash the blueberries, and then add straight into the large bowl
  5. Open the can of pineapple. Pour a small amount of the pineapple juice into the large bowl. Then use a colander to strain the pineapple from the juice (you can save the juice to drink later if you like). Add the pineapple to the large bowl
  6. Peel the banana. Slice the banana and add to the large bowl
  7. Stir the fruit salad and then serve in smaller bowls
  8. If you desire, you can add a scoop of vanilla ice cream or greek yogurt to finish. Enjoy!!


  • Fridge for 2 days. You can eat the leftovers the next day
  • Do not freeze

Flyer- Recipes Fruit Salad Flyer- Recipes Fruit Salad to print and keep at home.

This recipe has been adapted from a recipe published on Taste.com.au

This recipe and many others have been created for our move, feel, connect well group promoting positive health, wellbeing and social connections during COVID-19 and beyond. To join the group visit Facebook or for more details check out: move, feel, connect well.