UPDATED 18 August 2020

As you would know coronavirus has changed the way everyone lives day-to-day. We are open and have changed the way we provide our services to help stop the spread. We can design services specifically for you to make sure we continue to support your health and wellbeing.

We are calling our clients first

We are calling clients before all appointments. We screen for risk of COVID-19 as well as the need for face-to-face service. We are also managing the health and wellbeing of our staff.

As everyone has different needs, we will talk with you to work out the best way to provide you and your family with services, including services in person or using telehealth.

We are using telehealth

We are now offering clients appointments via telehealth. Safety and privacy are our main priorities here. Telehealth (phone and/or video calls) appointments are available for most of our services, so when you speak with our health practitioners we can tailor care in a way that works for you and your family.

Groups based services are happening differently

This includes all groups on the page groups and programs. New ways of connecting with each other are in place and some groups are now using telehealth (video or phone calls) . All current group participants are contacted on an ongoing basis to support their ongoing health and wellbeing.

Health and Safety

We are making sure you get the care you need safely. For more information relating to how we are supporting your health and wellbeing while still keeping our staff, clients and community safe click here.