healthAbility offers a service providing safe disposal of used syringes for all members of the public. For injectable drug users we offer a confidential service including free literature, needles and syringes, disposal containers, swabs and condoms as part of our commitment to harm minimisation. The service is operated in a relaxed, efficient and non-judgemental manner.

Why would I use this service?

  • You are prescribed medication that is administered via syringe and require a place for safe disposal of sharps containers
  • You are someone who uses illegal drugs and wishes to avoid communicable diseases, for example HIV and other bodily fluid infected diseases
  • You are a Hepatitis B or C patient, steroid user and need somewhere to dispose of these needles safely
  • You are someone wanting more information on specific diseases that you may have or know someone who has or would like information and advice on different drugs and sexual intercourse

Important: healthAbility does not offer any advice on drugs, needle use or sexual intercourse, we only offer written information on safe use.  Any queries are referred to Primary Needle Exchange services.
No referrals or appointments are necessary.
Free packs are available at our reception desk and reception staff will assist with any enquiries.


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