Children’s specialist care

Our Paediatrician is a medical specialist who diagnoses, treats and provides specialist medical care for a number of illnesses, conditions and disorders. This may include autism spectrum disorders, developmental delays or disabilities such as cerebral palsy.

With a Paediatric assessment, concerns about your child’s physical, mental and behavioural development will be addressed. These concerns may be about some or all of the following:

  • Movement and coordination- running, jumping, cutting food, tying shoelaces
  • Independence- getting dressed, showering and general self care
  • Concentration- such as sitting still at school or kindergarten and paying attention
  • Reading and writing- Includes comprehension and general language skills
  • Communication- Talking and being understood by other people
  • Emotions- Managing anger, feelings or anxiety
  • Social Skills- Confidence and making friends
  • Lifestyle- Eating a range of foods and thriving

Meet Dr. Mandy Li Paediatrician (MBBS, FRACP)

Dr Mandy completed her medical degree at Monash University before undertaking Paediatrics training in various Children’s Hospital in Victoria including the Royal Children’s Hospital and Monash Children’s Hospital.

In 2016, Mandy joined Carrington Health. Mandy is fluent in English, Cantonese and some Mandarin. Her love of children and the enjoyment she gets from interacting with families is why she decided to become a Paediatrician.

Mandy has experience in treating a range of medical conditions in children including the following areas:

  • Growth and development
  • Behaviour and learning
  • Conditions such as asthma and eczema
  • Disabilities and disorders

‘‘I work with children and families to help them through any issues they encounter’’ – Dr Mandy Li

All new patients will require a medial referral from their GP to access our Paediatric service. Paediatric service is delivered at our Box Hill location at Carrington Health, 43 Carrington Rd, Box Hill.

Due to high demand, we are unable to accept new referrals/new clients to the paediatrician clinic (with Dr Mandy Li) at this time.

Mandy Li
Meet Ben Well

Ben is 4 years old and is having difficulty at kinder both emotionally, socially, and not meeting expected milestones.

Watch how our Paediatrican works with Ben and his family to support his overall development.

Meet the other Well family members

Ben is part of the Well family, meet the other family members as they engage with a range of services to support them to live better lives. Meet the Well family.

Leaps and Bounds - Tori's Story

“If you had seen Tori even a year-and-a-half ago, you wouldn’t believe she’s the same child. You couldn’t have a conversation with her; the few words she did know were simply repeating or ‘parroting’ what she was hearing - this - what you see today, is what healthAbility has done” - Cherrie, Tori's mother.

Read about Tori's amazing journey being supported by our Children's Team and Paediatrician Dr Mandy thanks to Community Bank Blackburn South. 

Young girl drawing on a whiteboard with green marker with her mother watching web

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