Carina Martin
General Manager Partnerships & Service Development
B.App.Sc (OT), Masters. OT

Carina has a professional clinical background as an Occupational Therapist and draws on over 30 years of experience and understanding of work within the community health setting. In 2000 she completed a Masters of Occupational Therapy and has been with healthAbility since 2006, with roles involving a range of senior management positions across healthcare and project focused teams.

Carina has a strong commitment and passion for supporting people to live independently as possible and providing people with the tools to manage their health now and in the long term. Carina has led work focused on health system improvements to bring together hospital and community based care for people with complex and chronic health conditions, evidenced by several integrated specialist medical – allied health services that are now in operation both, at our service and in other community health services in the region.

Carina drives the partnership function at healthAbility and also leads the marketing and communications team to support the organisation in delivering on its vision to empower people in our communities to enjoy better and longer lives.

healthAbility Carina Martin