At all stages of life having good strength and balance while regularly exercising and being active is important.

Physiotherapist, Lisa notes, “As we age there are changes to our body that we can’t avoid, the great thing about exercise is that no matter what age someone begins, they have the possibility of increasing their strength, fitness and very importantly balance. At the same time, they may also make some new friends and enjoy themselves.”

So, what can you do to stay fit and healthy as you age?

Undertake a health and fitness assessment
At any age it is important to consult a professional before jumping into a new health and fitness regime. You can visit a GP or even one of our Exercise Physiologists at healthAbility to undertake a health and fitness assessment. These professionals can help educate, motivate and support you on your journey to improved health and overall wellness through physical activity. They can also help tailor a program for treatment and prevention specific to your individual needs, injuries and chronic health and medical conditions.

Know the benefits
Maintaining strength and balance through regular exercise has many proven benefits that can lead to a better quality of life. These benefits can include:

  • Increasing your life expectancy
  • Reducing the risk of disease development
  • Slowing down the age-related effects on health and wellbeing
  • Weight loss
  • Decreasing lower back pain and improving physical function
  • Improvements in disability in people with knee osteoarthritis
  • Preventing loss of or promoting gains in bone mineral density (BMD)
  • Enhancing whole bone strength
  • Reducing risk of falls

Make it social
A great way to ensure you maintain good strength and balance while regularly exercising is to join an exercise group. This way you have a qualified instructor there to monitor and help you get the best out of your session while also socialising. Our Strong People Stay Young program is a strength training program designed to increase your muscle strength. The program runs twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays from Eltham and Hurstbridge. It was developed to provide a welcoming environment where older people can come to participate in regular exercise. It is run by volunteers and overseen by trained exercise physiologists. It is designed to help manage conditions like osteoporosis and diabetes while improving general health and wellbeing.

At healthAbility we have a variety of programs and services that can help ensure you maintain a great quality of life as you age. To find out more, contact us today on 9430 9100.