Clinical Governance 

We have a Clinical Governance Plan that summarises all activity that supports high quality client care and covers all aspects of governance. This plan includes client services, information management, client and staff health and safety, financial management and human resources management. The Governance framework includes Community Participation, Clinical Effectiveness, Risk Management and providing an Effective Workforce.

Quality Improvement and Compliance 

We are committed to continuous quality improvement. We check and review our operations to ensure we have systems and processes in place that are high quality and current best practice. This is to ensure that we provide safe, person centred, effective and connected care to our community every time. Two board committees and an internal quality committee monitor ensures we are compliant with our governance plan.

Our CEO is responsible for making sure that we operate lawfully and report any breaches of law or suspected breaches to appropriate organisations, including legal authorities, police, government and the Board. We have a robust quality assurance system in place to ensure we comply with required legislation and standards. 

Quality and safeguarding of our community is assured by being accredited under the following standards: 

  • Human Services standards
  • Aged Care Quality Commission Quality standards
  • National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards (Dental)
  • NDIS Practice Standards
  • Quality Improvement Council (QIC) Health and Community Service Standards

Privacy, Rights and Responsibility

We respect your right to privacy and are committed to protecting your privacy. We have systems and processes in place to ensure that we comply with the Australian Privacy Principles. We comply with all Victorian legislation relating to confidentiality and privacy, including the Health Services Act 1988 (Vic), the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic) and the Information Privacy Act (2000). Click here to read our Privacy Policy, click to view our Rights and Responsibilities Policy.

Child Safe Policy

We are committed to child safety. We want all children to be safe, happy and empowered. We support and respect all children, as well as our employees and volunteers. We are committed to the safety, participation and empowerment of all children. We have zero tolerance of child abuse, and all allegations and safety concerns will be treated very seriously and consistently with our robust Policies & Procedures. Click to read our Child Safe Policy.

If you need a hard copy please contact us on (03) 9430 9100.

Protected Disclosure

We encourage employees and members of the public to raise concerns of improper employee conduct and detrimental action. This supports our ability to maintain high standards of ethics and probity in the performance of our duties and delivery of services.

Although we are not governed by the Protected Disclosure Act 2012, disclosures are responded to in line with the requirements of the Act.

Members of the public are encouraged to make a disclosure when they believe on reasonable grounds that an employee of healthAbility has:

  • Engaged, is engaged or proposes to engage in improper conduct, or

  • Taken, is taking or proposes to take detrimental action
    This also applies to other agencies contracted by healthAbility.

All disclosures and related evidence are considered in the strictest confidence by all parties involved during and following the disclosure and investigation. Protected disclosures of alleged improper or corrupt conduct can be made to the Chief Executive Officer or to the Chair of the Board of Directors at 917 Main Road, Eltham Victoria 3095 or call (03) 9430 9100.

Our Safety Culture

Our safety culture is monitored by our Occupational Health and Safety and Clinical Governance Committee who meet on a bi-monthly basis to discuss any accidents, incidents or hazards that have arisen and that require further review and action. All staff are trained in health and safety including infection control relevant to their role and are expected to report any incidents or hazards.

Our Risk Management system aims to identify and manage risks across the whole organisation. We have a Risk Register that keeps track of our risks which looks at the likelihood and consequences of any risk. It is reviewed by the Board and Executive team on a three monthly basis. We undertake regular audits and risk assessments to monitor, review and improve for the safety of our clients and staff.

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