Home Care Packages

Home Care Packages support you or a loved one to remain living at home and in your community to stay active, independent and safe. 

Home Care Packages are provided to older people (over 65 years of age) and some younger people with a disability, dementia or other special care needs, who have been assessed and approved by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).

Our care management team considers your individual situation by providing you with a list of services you may need. They then develop a tailored and flexible care plan together with you and anyone you would like to include in the planning process. With years of experience providing Home Care Packages, we have a deep knowledge of care providers, which makes us one of the most trusted and experienced Home Care Package providers in Melbourne.

If you have a Home Care Package provided by the Australian Government, we can ensure that you receive quality care of your choice that is tailored to meet your needs. You will also have choice and flexibility in the care you receive at home, as your needs change.

Learn more about our Home Care Packages in Melbourne below or, if you have a My Aged Care reference number, contact our friendly team to start receiving services from healthAbility today.

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Step by step guide to applying for a Home Care Package

  • Step 1: Contact My Aged Care to find out what services are available to help you stay in your own home. Phone 1800 200 422
  • Step 2: You will be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) for services you need to help you stay in your own home
  • Step 3: Think about what you might need. This may include household tasks, personal care, shopping or exercise programs. We can help you plan for your assessment
  • Step 4: Receive a letter from My Aged Care about your Home Care Package. Call us and we can guide you through the next steps
  • Step 5: Receive another letter 90 days before you get your Home Care Package and then another when funding is available from My Aged Care
  • Step 6: You have 56 days to choose a provider. Speak to our My Aged Care team on 9430 9100 as soon as possible to discuss care management, extensions or additional services
Senior lady having forms explained as part of her appointment by female care worker

Our Home Care Packages in North and Eastern Regions of Melbourne

We aim to provide the best possible Home Care Packages to older Australians and young people living with disabilities. We provide the following Home Care Packages in Melbourne:

  • Level 1 supports people with basic care needs

  • Level 2 supports people with low level care needs (formerly Community Aged Care Packages)

  • Level 3 supports people with intermediate care needs

  • Level 4 supports people with high level care needs (formerly Extended Aged Care at Home and Extended Aged Care at Home Dementia packages)

To determine which Home Care Package best suits you or your loved one’s needs, My Aged Care will need to complete a face-to-face assessment at your home. The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) will provide a list of recommendations and services to ensure you or your loved one can live comfortably, safely and independently at home.

Our team can help prepare for the assessment and determine which services will best suit your needs ahead of the ACAT’s visit. We will be with you every step of the way.

Care worker assisting a senior man to get his shopping out of the back of a car

Our Home Care Package Services

At healthAbility, our unique combination of private and publicly funded health services allows us to manage your Home Care Package and empower you to choose what services you want, when you want them and how you want them delivered. The choice is yours. 

Our Home Care Packages in Northern and Eastern regions of Melbourne can be tailored to include the following services (depending on the level of your Home Care Package).

  • Care Management 
  • Personal Care Support and Assistance
  • Allied Health
  • Assistance with Meals and Food Preparation 
  • Specialised Aged Care Assessment and Advice
  • Assistance with Daily Household Tasks 
  • Home and Garden Maintenance 
  • Aids to Help You Remain Independent 
  • Transport
  • Assistance with Social Outings, Groups and Visitors

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Senior man being assisted to shave by a female care worker in bathroom

Home Care Package services

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Meet David Well

David is 66 and has arthritis in his knee. David cares for his wife, Maria. As David is getting older, he is finding that it is harder to keep on top of his day to day chores and his mobility is declining.

Watch how we helped David apply, be accessed and approved for a Home Care Package through My Aged Care. Now David and Maria are receiving help with cleaning, meal preparation and personal care.

Meet the other Well family members

David is part of the Well family, meet the other family members as they engage with a range of services to support them to live better lives. Meet the Well family.


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