Bringing our community together – Frequently Asked Questions

16 June 2021

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This year we will be uniting all of our services together under one name – healthAbility. To help keep you informed, we’ve created this FAQ resource to try and answer questions you may have about our move to one name.

Why are you moving to one name?

While we officially merged to become one organisation three years ago, we have since been operating under four different names – healthAbility, Carrington Health, Box Hill Family Dentistry and Healthy Bite Dental.

Now, the time is right for us to unite our services under the name healthAbility. Moving to one name will help us to deliver a better experience for our clients, and create a more unified organisation for our staff and stakeholders.

When will the name change happen?

We are planning to officially operate under one name from mid-2021.

Will the services you offer change?

No, the services we offer will not change. There will be minor changes to the names of some of our services, but this won’t affect how the services operate

Will your current locations change?

No, we will still have our primary locations at Eltham and Box Hill, along with other service locations at Nunawading, Boronia and Wellington Rd, Box Hill.

Can I still attend groups and programs that are currently run by Carrington Health?

Yes. Any groups or programs that are currently run by Carrington Health will continue to run at the same locations, but just under our new name healthAbility.

Will you be moving to one website?

Yes. As part of our transition to one name, we will only have the healthAbility website – the website address will remain as Content from the Carrington Health, Box Hill Family Dentistry and Healthy Bite Dental websites will be merged into this new website. We are currently working on a new website redesign which will be launched in September, so keep an eye out!

Will your contact details change once you have moved to one name?

Once we have moved to one name, we will have one main email address and phone number. Our phone number will be (03) 9430 9100, and from July you will be able to email us at

You may also get in touch with us on Facebook at

If you have any other questions about our move to one name, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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