Have you heard about our Connect Well Groups?

13 May 2022

Two senior ladies sitting in a garden courtyard having a cup of tea

Have you considered joining one of our Connect Well groups to be more socially engaged with your community and meet new people? 🎲🃏🎤🥗🥣🚌

Our Connect Well Groups provide activities to help older people or people with disability to live a healthier, more rewarding and socially engaged life.

Connect Well Groups provide a program of activities that maintain and enhance the daily living skills of all participants. The program of activities addresses a participant’s physical, social, cultural, emotional and recreational needs and provides opportunities to stay connected to the community.

Our Connect Well Groups run throughout the week and offer a program of activities. There are many reasons to join including -

🔸 Affordable recreational, leisure and social activities

🔸 Meeting people and making new friends

🔸 Staying connected to the community and social interaction

🔸 Maintaining skills needed for living independently

🔸 Keeping the body and mind active

🔸 Respite for carer/s

Find out more by visiting our Connect Well page - Connect Well Groups

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