Meet the Well family - animation

19 May 2023

The Well Family

Watch the Well family’s journey towards being supported to live better lives. See them introduced to the vast range of quality, person-centred and multi-disciplinary community health services that are available to the whole family at healthAbility.

video card
Meet Lin
<p>Lin is 34 and a full time carer to her 3 children. She is feeling hopeless and is supported through counselling.</p>
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Meet Greg
<p>Greg is 36 and experiencing high levels of anxiety. He is supported through our Stepped Care Mental Health service.</p>
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Meet Kim
<p>Kim is 14 and is disengaging from school. She is supported through our Reconnect program.</p>
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Meet Ben
<p>Ben is 4 and is having trouble meeting his expected milestones. He needs support with occupational and speech therapy.</p>
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Meet David
<p>David is 66 and due to limited mobility, he needs support to apply for a Home Care Package to help with chores around the house.</p>
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Meet Maria
<p>Maria is 58 and is looking for support to achieve her goals through NDIS Support Coordination.</p>

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