Solar panels on track for a sunny future

07 April 2022

Solar panels drone image

Since being installed nearly 18 months ago, the solar panels on the roof at our Eltham center have enabled us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

The health of our communities relies on the health of our planet, so the decision to generate our own renewable energy was an easy one to make.

Since the panels went live in December 2020, we’ve saved around 45 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

That’s equivalent to planting over 1,000 trees, or the amount of carbon dioxide produced by driving over 176,000 kilometres in a car.

Alongside the environmental benefits, financially the panels have allowed us to save around $24,000 in energy costs so far. This is money that can be spent on improving services and facilities for our clients and community.

The solar panels are a key part of our commitment to improving our sustainability as an organisation. We’d like to thank Seven 20 Electrical for their expert installation, and the Australian Government for partially funding this project.

Find out more about our solar panels in the below video, produced in conjunction with Seven 20 Electrical.

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