Why your dental check-up is about more than just teeth

18 May 2022

Senior lady at dentist with dentist explaining dental products

Did you know that when you visit the dentist at healthAbility for a check-up, we check more than just your teeth?

As part of our routine dental check-ups, our dentists will often perform other important health checks.

These include checking the soft tissues around the head and neck and inside the mouth, which helps to screen for some oral cancers.

When the dentist is looking at your mouth, they will also be checking for any abnormalities or issues that may indicate an oral health problem, such as oral or throat cancer, gum disease, jaw joint problems, or an infection in your mouth.

According to our Senior Dental Manager Dr Jack Wang, these additional checks are another important reason for getting regular dental check-ups.

“Getting regular dental check-ups is vital not only for keeping your teeth healthy, but also for screening for health conditions such as oral cancers. At these appointments we will also check for conditions such as gum disease or infections in your mouth, which if left untreated can cause other serious health problems.

“Our dentists pride themselves on performing a thorough examination of every patient that comes in for a check-up. Next time you visit us for a check-up, feel free to ask your dentist about what they will be looking at during your appointment. They are always happy to chat!”

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