Reconnect supports young people who’s housing is unstable and are at risk of becoming homeless or who are homeless.

Our Youth team works with at-risk youth to reconnect, maintain and develop healthy connections with family, friends, school and community.

Not only does the team work directly with youth, they also work collaboratively with schools, teachers, agencies and health professionals to appropriately and effectively respond to the needs of at-risk youth. This is achieved through collaboration and partnership by coordinating early intervention and prevention programs and initiatives.

Contact Reconnect on 9430 9100 for further information.

from Harm to Calm

The from Harm to Calm program aims to reduce self-harming behaviors in youth.

We provide education sessions for students, teachers, school support staff, parents and carers addressing the issue of self-harm in young people. The program addresses appropriate responses and effective ways to support those in need.

The program also offers support booklets for both Youth and Parents/Carers/Professionals.

Our support booklets are now available for free download at links below:

Youth from Harm to Calm Booklet

Parents/Carers/Professionals from Harm to Calm Booklet

Printed copies can be ordered by emailing your details and the desired quantity of Youth and/or Parent/Carer/Professionals booklets to Please note the printed booklets are also free of charge, however we will need to quote and charge for postage.

To enquire about the from Harm to Calm program, please contact our Youth team on 9430 9100.