Meet the Well family

Watch the Well family’s journey towards being supported to live better lives. See them introduced to the vast range of quality, person-centred and multi-disciplinary community health services that are available to the whole family at healthAbility.

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Meet Lin Well
<p>Lin is 34 and a full time carer to her 3 children including 6 month old baby Nicholas. </p> <p>Lin was referred to us through her Maternal Health Nurse after...
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Meet Greg Well
<p>Greg is 36 and experiencing high levels of anxiety, which is impacting his ability to work.<br /></p> <p>Watch how we connected Greg with the Stepped Care Me...
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Meet Kim Well
<p>Kim is 14 and identifies as non-binary. Kim is disengaging from school and this is causing conflict in her family home.<br /></p> <p>Watch how we connected K...
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Meet Ben Well
<p>Ben is 4 years old and is having difficulty at kinder both emotionally, socially, and not meeting expected milestones. </p> <p>Watch how our Children’s Team ...
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Meet David Well
<p>David is 66 and has arthritis in his knee. David cares for his wife, Maria.<br /></p> <p>As David is getting older, he is finding that it is harder to keep o...
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Meet Maria
<p>Maria is 58 and had a stroke 2 years ago that has affected her ability to care for herself and now relies on her husband David as her carer. </p> <p>Maria ha...