Meet the Well family

Watch the Well family’s journey towards being supported to live better lives. See them introduced to the vast range of quality, person-centred and multi-disciplinary community health services that are available to the whole family at healthAbility.

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Meet Lin Well

Lin is 34 and a full time carer to her 3 children including 6 month old baby Nicholas.

Lin was referred to us through her Maternal Health Nurse after she expressed feelings of hopelessness at Nicholas’s 6 month check up.

Watch how we supported Lin with managing her difficult feelings.

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Meet Greg Well

Greg is 36 and experiencing high levels of anxiety, which is impacting his ability to work.

Watch how we connected Greg with the Stepped Care Mental Health Service to provide the level of mental health support he needed.

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Meet Kim Well

Kim is 14 and identifies as non-binary. Kim is disengaging from school and this is causing conflict in her family home.

Watch how we connected Kim to our Reconnect Program to support her with her level of engagement with her family, school and to access required supports.

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Meet Ben Well

Ben is 4 years old and is having difficulty at kinder both emotionally, socially, and not meeting expected milestones.

Watch how our Children’s Team have supported Ben with his overall development as well as linking him to apply for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding so that Ben gets all the supports he needs.

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Meet David Well

David is 66 and has arthritis in his knee. David cares for his wife, Maria.

As David is getting older, he is finding that it is harder to keep on top of his day to day chores and his mobility is declining.

Watch how we helped David apply, be accessed and approved for a Home Care Package through My Aged Care. Now David and Maria are receiving help with cleaning, meal preparation and personal care.

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Meet Maria

Maria is 58 and had a stroke 2 years ago that has affected her ability to care for herself and now relies on her husband David as her carer.

Maria has a NDIS plan and is looking for a new provider to support her to meet her goals.

Watch how we linked Maria with our Support Coordination team and how she is now achieving her goals through gym-based exercise classes, home aids and making new friends through our Connect Well Groups.