Libby Hasler
General Manager People, Learning and Culture
Masters and B.Bus (Human Resources & Industrial Relations)

Libby brings over 20 years of professional experience to healthAbility, covering strategic human resources management, change management, organisational development, OHS, learning and development and performance management.

Libby is a change leader, with proven experience in building engaged, high performing and resilient teams. She has worked across a number of sectors and renowned organisations such as Baptcare, HPA, YMCA, TAC, ME Bank and Western Water.

Libby understands good health and happiness is at the heart of all we do at healthAbility Health. She is committed to enabling our teams to do and be their best, and striving to do things differently if it gets the best outcome for our clients. In this way, she is always influencing and pushing the status quo so that we can deliver on our vision to provide accessible, affordable and tailored health care for our clients.

healthAbility Libby Hasler