Getting older is a natural part of life and we want you to feel supported in your health and wellbeing.

John Moran, General Manager Clinical and Community Services at healthAbility believes that, “Age is just a number and we are only as old as we feel we are – but as we age, our health needs change. By taking appropriate steps towards health everyone can enjoy a
great quality of life and wellbeing as they age”.

Below is a quick ageing checklist to help you stay focused on the areas of your health that will ensure a positive quality of life.

[  ] Staying connected
It is important to stay connected, whether that is through attending weekly meet-ups or learning new skills to avoid feeling isolated and lonely. Our Social Support groups and activities give people the opportunity to meet new people, often those in similar situations and to share their own stories and experiences.

[  ] Nutrition
At every stage of life, your nutrition needs change, as you age its increasingly important that your body receives all the nutrients that it needs. A dietitian can support you to maintain a healthy diet or manage a chronic or complex health condition that requires dietary changes such as diabetes, osteoporosis or coeliac disease.

[  ] Regular Dental Health Checks
Did you know that good oral health is important to maintaining good overall health? At healthAbility we make keeping those pearly whites in good order easy with our dental service, Healthy Bite Dental, conveniently located in the heart of Eltham.

[  ] Diabetes Screenings
After the age of 45, the risk of Type 2 Diabetes increases so attending regular diabetes screenings and maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes increasingly important. For those diagnosed, a credentialed Diabetes Educator can support you in managing your diabetes. They can also help you stay up to date with information in relation to medications, what to eat and how to manage other changes when living with diabetes.

[  ] Fall Assessments
As we get older the chance slips, trips and falls can increase and that can result in injury. To prevent this, it is important to undertake regular fall assessments. This can include testing your balance and ensuring your home is safe through the installation of rails and slip proof mats. At healthAbility, our Upright for Life program can help you identify your individual risk factors and decrease your risk of falls at home.

[  ] Maintaining Strength, Balance and Exercise
At all stages of life having good strength and balance while regularly exercising and being active is important. At healthAbility, our Strong People Stay Young program can help you increase your muscle strength which can lead to a reduced chance of osteoporosis and diabetes while also improving your general health.

[  ] In Home and Community Care
To ensure you live a happy, safe and independent life in-home and community care options may be something to consider. At healthAbility, we offer a rang of flexible In-Home and Community Support options such as personal care (bathing, self-medication assistance etc), home care (meal preparation, housekeeping etc), companionship (social activities, transport etc) and clinical care (wound and continence management, access to other allied health services etc).

At healthAbility we have a variety of programs and services that can help ensure you maintain a great quality of life as you age. To find out more, contact us today on 9430 9100.