This week we hosted our first Caring Together Telehealth session. The Caring Together group meets monthly to provide a safe and comfortable place for carers to receive support, information and companionship.

Before the session, staff delivered each carer a tea bag and a biscuit in their letter box, so that everyone could share a cuppa together like they would usually do, if we were holding the group on site.

At 1 o’clock, we had the opportunity to simply stop and touch base. Life as a carer during COVID19 is challenging and having a safe place to connect with people who are walking a similar road is gold. One the carers stated “it was just so good to see everyone’s faces”.

Along with laughing over how to mute our screens and the occasional ‘everyone talking together’ moment we got to catch up on the highs and lows of the last month and share some resources that have helped keep people going during this time.

We have received some lovely feedback:

I just wanted to say “thank you” for organising our online Caring Together meeting today. It was so nice catching up, and being able to see each other. I find this caring group so beneficial! I have learnt so much from the other ladies who have been in a caring situation for so much longer than me.

When new situations arise I don’t panic, because someone in the group has already been there, and shared their experiences. I feel blessed that this group exists and that I have been able to access it. Another tick for healthAbility, and the wonderful people who are employed there!  Thank you once again.

The Caring Together group is facilitated by a health professional. If you would like to enquire about joining, click here. 

This story and many others have been created for our move, feel, connect well group promoting positive health, wellbeing and social connections during COVID-19 and beyond. To join the group visit Facebook or for more details check out: move, feel, connect well.