Our counselling team servicing all of Melbourne are here to support the mental health of children, families and individuals.

We support people who are experiencing difficulties in the following areas:

  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • Feelings of low self-esteem
  • Relationship problems
  • Traumatic or stressful experiences
  • Grief and loss
  • Managing anger
  • Family violence and abusive relationships
  • Perinatal depression
  • Dealing with illness or chronic disease
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How we support the whole family

The counselling services we offer draw on a number of evidence based approaches. Counselling support with us may involve:

  • One on one sessions where we will work together to address your needs
  • Collaborative therapy with children and families
  • Developing strategies and learning techniques, to help you manage your mental health
  • Options to connect with our other services, groups and programs
A young lady sitting on a couch with her legs and hands crossed in her lap, shot from her neck down
Meet Lin Well

Lin is 34 and a full time carer to her 3 children including 6 month old baby Nicholas. Lin was referred to us through her Maternal Health Nurse after she expressed feelings of hopelessness at Nicholas’s 6 month check up.

Watch how we supported Lin with managing her difficult feelings.

Meet the other Well family members

Lin is part of the Well family, meet the other family members as they engage with a range of services to support them to live better lives. Meet the Well family.

We support children too

Our Child Psychologists can support both you and your child. We provide techniques and strategies to help you manage your child’s needs at home. Sometimes our Child Psychologists might identify other services that your child could benefit from, in conjunction with psychology.

Some of the children who see us need help with:

  • Concentrating, sitting still or paying attention
  • Talking and being understood by others
  • Making friends
  • Managing feelings such as anger, sadness and frustration

Whatever your child may need, we can provide services individually and/or as a holistic “wrap-around” service to support your family as a whole. Please refer to our Children, Youth and Families page for a full list of services available.

Anxious child trybooking

After hours mental health support

We are here to support you after hours too through our After Hours Mental Health Nursing Service. Available outside standard business hours, on weekends and even on public holidays, this service provides:

  • Someone to listen to your needs and concerns

  • Someone to assist you in deciding which steps to take next

  • Recommendations for ongoing support services

  • A dedicated person who will check in on you to see how things are going down the track

This is a 100% free service, and you do not require an appointment, simply free call 1300 003 509 to talk with a Mental Health Nurse over the phone or via telehealth.

Health Ability After Hours Mental Health mf DOVE 064 A80177


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