Parenting support

Our Parenting Well services are designed to support parents of children under the age of 12 navigate their way through parenting.

The Family Support Worker can assist families who are experiencing:

  • Tantrums

  • Bedtime problems

  • Mealtime difficulties

  • Children not following instructions

  • Aggression towards parents, siblings or others

  • Other areas of concern

Throughout the year, we also offer a range of sessions on various topics to help teach parents how to positively engage with their child, increase their confidence in parenting and manage their child’s behaviour.

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Who can attend a Parenting Well Course?
What are the fees?
Do I need to register to attend a Parenting Well sessions?
Are the Parenting Well sessions offered remotely as well as onsite?
Can my partner also attend the Parenting Well session with me?
Do you provide child caring facilities during the courses?

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